Hybrid Data Tomography

Winter school and workshop
Technical University of Denmark, January 22–26, 2018


This winter school is an educational spin-off of our research project “Enhanced Impedance Tomography using Hybrid Data”. Hybrid data imaging combines two physical phenomena, one with high resolution and the other with high contrast, to allow accurate nondestructive imaging. Examples of hybrid data imaging methods are acousto-electric tomography (AET), current density impedance imaging (CDII)/magnetic resonance electrical impedance tomography (MREIT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and ultrasound modulated electrical impedance tomography (UMEIT).

The winter school consists of a 2-day mini course, a 1-day international workshop and a 2-day project works. Partial participation is possible, but the 2.5 ECTS credits (70 hours of work) requires full participation.

Mini course

Monday and Tuesday will be a mini course taught by guest lecturers Professor Y. Capdeboscq and Assistant Professor G. Alberti. The lecture notes used for the course can be found here: Lecture notes.
As a warm-up on elliptic PDEs and inverse boundary value problems, participants can have a look at “Lecture notes on parameter identification” by Otared Kavian.

Separated into 8 sessions the covered topics are:

  • Introduction of the Models – 1 session – Chapter 1

  • Non-vanishing Jacobians in 2D and 3D – 2 sessions – Chapter 6

  • CGO and Runge solutions – 2 sessions – Chapter 7

  • Applications to hybrid problems – 3 sessions – Chapter 9-10


On Wednesday there will be the workshop “Trends in Hybrid Data Tomography” with various speakers from DTU and abroad. Confirmed speakers are

  • Giovanni Alberti, Department of Mathematics, University of Genoa

  • Yves Capdeboscq, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford

  • Bangti Jin, Department of Computer Science, University College London

  • Tanja Tarvainen, Department of Applied Physics, University of Eastern Finland

  • Axel Thielscher, Department of Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark

Note that there is limited room for additional speakers in the workshop. Please tell us during registration if you wish to give a talk.

Program for the workshop is available here.

Mini project

Thursday and Friday will consist of project work in groups (2-3 persons). Each group picks a topic, do some theoretical or computational studies and present their findings in a small report (5-10 pages) to be handed in at latest February 2, 2018. Given the limited time during the week participants are expected to spend some additional time finalizing the report.

The following different topics can be chosen from for the project; or one might come up with their own project.

  • Linear Elastography

  • Acousto-Electric Tomography


Project descriptions are available here: project 1, project 2, project 3.


Course credit will be given to students who participates actively in the course and completes the project work satisfactorily.

Guest Lecturers


For registration, please send an e-mail to Tommi Brander informing him in which activities you will participate (mini Course, workshop and/or project). There is no cost to participation.

The registration deadline is January 15th, 2018.


The course and workshop happens on DTU Lyngby campus, Lyngby, Denmark. The course will take place in building 324 auditorium 050.

Map of DTU Lyngby campus

A map can be downloaded here.

Getting to campus

To get to DTU from Copenhagen Airport there are a few options.

  • Airport: take the Metro to Nørreport st.

  • Nørreport st.: Take either bus 150S to Rævehøjvej DTU or take S-train E towards Hillerød or B towards Holte and get off at Lyngby st.

  • Lyngby st.: Take bus 300S towards Gl. Holte and get off at DTU.


Here is a list of some hotels that are located in Lyngby near the DTU Lyngby campus:


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Mini course
Y. Capdeboscq
G. Alberti
Mini course
Y. Capdeboscq
G. Alberti
Workshop Project Project
Mini course
Y. Capdeboscq
G. Alberti
Mini course
Y. Capdeboscq
G. Alberti
Workshop Project Project
Evening Social activity Dinner

Regarding the social activity and dinner, more information will follow.

For the dinner, reservations have been made at Ristorante Bellini in Virum, not far from the campus. The address of the restaurant is

Ristorante Bellini
Bredevej 56
2830 Virum

Note that participants are supposed to take care of lunch themselves.

Information about the canteens available on campus will follow.


Anne Mette Eltzholtz Larsen, DTU Compute
Bjørn Christian Skov Jensen, DTU Compute
Ekaterina Sherina, DTU Compute
Kim Knudsen, DTU Compute
Tommi Brander, DTU Compute

This winter school is connected to, and partially funded by, the research projects HybridData and the ph.d. school at DTU Compute.